Garmin fenix 5 Chroma Display - Taking a Closer Look

Posted by Brian Eller on
Over the past few months, we’ve tried to get people ready for the launch of Garmin’s fenix 5 lineup. We spent hours researching the product, figuring out its new features and making sure people knew exactly what was in store for them when purchasing the latest and greatest fitness tracker.

Yet, looking back on our previous entries on this blog, I realized the other day there’s one improvement category that we haven’t really discussed. And, in fact, it’s one of the best upgrades on the fenix 5 lineup - the display.

I find it odd that it’s taken this long for us to get into the new and improved display on the watch face of the fenix 5 models. After all, I know when I’m doing research for a new smart phone, the display might just be the top factor on my wish list.

For those who were (or still are) rockin’ the fenix 3 or fenix 3 HR models, you’re enjoying a display of 218x218 pixels. That’s not too shabby, and should be more than capable of giving you clear readings while using the device. But with the fenix 5 and 5x, you’ll now be viewing a display of 240x240 pixels. It may not sound like much of an upgrade, but wait until you see the difference - an incredibly sharp image that’s easy to read in any environment, including the harshest sunlight. If you’re looking into the 5s, you’ll still have the 218x218 pixels; again, plenty to get the job done.

Also, while the fenix 3 and fenix 3 HR boasted 16 colors, the fenix 5 lineup will feature 64 colors. That’s 4x the number of colors on the newly released models.

Look, the true sharpness and awesomeness of the display can only be talked about on paper (or your computer screen) for so long. At some point, you’ll need to see the watch up close to really appreciate its new features. But for now, get excited at the fact that along with dozens of other upgrades and bells and whistles, your fitness goals and activity tracking will all look crystal clear on a brand new display.

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