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Garmin’s fenix 5 lineup often boasts its seemingly endless number of features and capabilities. And while that certainly makes for an awesome fitness tracker/smart watch, it’s important to make sure the device isn’t lumped into satisfying one specific demographic or target audience. I mean, the fenix 5 has tons of benefits for runners - advanced metrics tracking, heart rate monitoring, topographical maps - but what if I’m just not into running? Or what if I like the idea of all of the features to track my swimming, but am strictly a land guy or gal?

The point is, with any technology device coming onto the market these days, customization is key. This allows each user to use the watch/tracker to their own specifications and give the device a personal feel. So how did Garmin pull this off with its fenix 5? Say hello to Connect IQ.

You may have seen blog posts around the internet that talk about how data that’s recorded with the fenix 5 is uploaded automatically to Garmin’s Connect IQ and to the Garmin Connect mobile app. Great! But, what exactly is Connect IQ?

Essentially, Connect IQ is there for two big reasons. First, it gives all of your training data and numbers some much-needed context. After all, if you’re hitting the trail or the gym every day, seeing the information flashing on your watch and then simply moving on, the numbers don’t mean a whole lot. But with Garmin Connect, all of that training information now has its mothership to give you a better idea of just how far you’re progressing.

The mobile app keeps tabs on your daily activities such as steps taken, weight gains/losses and logs your running/biking/swimming habits. All of this is essential to knowing what you need to focus on and just how far along you are in your training. Connected devices allow for instant updates to the mobile app, so you don’t have to worry about finishing a run and then inputing that information into the app. It’ll be there waiting for you before you even hit the showers.

The second reason to love Connect IQ is its customization options. Listen, the fenix 5 is extremely popular, meaning you’re gonna run into a ton of people with the same device. Why not personalize yours to make it your own? With the Connect IQ store, you can customize so many different facets of your device, including apps, widgets, data fields and even the watch face itself.

Right now, the fenix 5 has more than 100 apps available in the store. We’ve posted a link to the store here, so take a look. There are apps to aide with running and biking, maps to help guide you in your travels, daily applications like Uber and Address Book and even games like Flappy Bird and PingPong. And the best news? As popularity grows with the fenix 5, more and more apps will be developed, giving you so many options to choose from.

Of course, widgets are available on the fenix 5, too, everything from weather, stock updates, calendars to battery meters. And on top of that, you can choose from dozens of watch faces to give your fenix 5 the look you want. There’s even an app called Face-It, which allows you to take any photo from your mobile device and transfer it to your watch, giving it that truly one-of-a-kind experience.

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