Garmin fenix 5S - Finally, a fenix for female athletes

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Along with the fenix 5 and 5X models, Garmin’s fenix 5S will hit the market in just a few months. All three versions are almost identical in their appearance and list of features, though there are some subtle differences that could sway a consumer toward one model over another. 

We talked about what separates the fenix 5X model from the 5 and 5S, but let’s run through the few variations you’ll get if you’re looking at the 5S. 

Simply put, the fenix 5S is the smallest and lightest model of the three. Garmin touts the 5S with the tagline “for serious athletes and adventurers who want to do more, not wear more.” We’ve got to hand it Garmin on this one as this summarizes the 5S perfectly.

At 42mm and 2.4 oz with the silicone band, the 5S is the smallest and lightest of the fenix 5 model watches. It’s not a huge drop off, mind you – the fenix 5 clocks in at 47 mm in size and 3.0 oz with the silicone band – but with GPS watches developing a penchant for increase in size, the 5S is a nice option for those with smaller wrists or who prefer to sport as light of a watch as they can find.

Browsing online, there definitely seems to be a push to make the fenix 5S model the “women’s model,” presumably due to the smaller and lighter size. Hey, if that’s the approach, more power to Garmin, but in all honesty, this watch is suitable for anyone, male or female, who might just want to rock a lighter GPS watch or have tinier wrists and need a smaller watch face.

Don’t worry about missing out on any features, though. The fenix 5S may be slightly smaller, but it still packs the same punch as its siblings. It’s got GPS and GLONASS capabilities, is water-rated up to 10 ATM, and has all of the same running, cycling and performance features found on the fenix 5. And just like the fenix 5, the 5S can be bought in a regular edition or a Sapphire edition, which we discussed in an earlier entry. 

In short, while the Fenix 5S may be targeting a specific demographic, it’s certainly an incredible GPS watch for anyone on the market. After all, good things come in small(er) packages, right?

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