Training for a triathlon? The fenix 5 is your new coach

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My first (and only) triathlon did not go well. I signed up at the encouragement of a friend who said she’d compete with me and then spent the next few months training – swimming, bike riding and running. I was already a decent runner, so it was the swimming and bike riding areas where I focused most of my energy.

The day of the triathlon finally came and I took my place at the starting line, still unable to completely forgive my friend for suffering a hip injury which forced her to back out of the race. The gun sounded and there I was, trudging my way through the lake along with 50 other competitors - all of whom, I quickly realized, were much more prepared than me.

Still, despite the immediate and suffocating desire to toss my swim cap aside and tap out, I kept pushing forward, honestly only because I couldn’t think of a good reason to tell my friends and family why I hadn’t finished the race. And after about an hour or so of brainstorming, I was nearly halfway done the event and figured I might as well finish the damn thing.

Garmin fenix 5 features specific triathlon/duathlon training modes

Looking back on that experience, it was great to say I did it, but I can’t see myself doing it again, at least not without really taking the time to train – and train seriously. And should there come a time where I’m thrust back into the triathlon competition, you can believe I’ll have a Garmin fenix 5 with me every step of the way.

Similar to its predecessors, the fenix 5 lineup features an impressive bundle of preloaded activities, such as running, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, cycling and even swimming. You’ve gotta love versatility with your training devices.

While researching information on the fenix 5, there are a number of topics and articles about the running and hiking profiles, but I thought it’d be a good idea to delve a little deeper into what the fenix 5 watch can do for swimmers, cyclers and, ahem, aspiring triathletes.

In regards to swimming, it’s important to reinforce the fact the fenix 5 lineup is water rated up to 10 ATM. That means you can take this bad boy in the swimming pool, lap pool and even the ocean without having to worry about it being destroyed. One of the coolest features is the fenix 5 lets you customize your pool size right on the watch, so the device knows exactly the type of environment you’re training in. Once in the water, you’ll have access to a ton of features, including tracking of your distance, pace and stroke. You can also track drills like kick sets and one-arm swimming with the Drill Log Mode feature.

If you’re headed for a ride on your bike – stationary, road, hybrid or mountain - the fenix 5 tracks and records all of your cycling dynamics like speed and distance covered, as well as power meter, speed and cadence-sensor capabilities to make sure you’re training as efficiently as possible.

The best part? If you’re training for a triathlon or duathlon, the fenix 5 has a swim/bike/run training session which, at the touch of a button, automatically transitions you from sport to sport, leaving you to focus on getting better each day.

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