What does Sapphire version mean on the fenix 5?

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The fenix 5 offers a variety of different styles and versions of the watch, including two Sapphire editions on both the 5 and 5S. 

Sapphire edition essentially means adding two additional features to the device, but both are impressive. For one, the watch boasts a scratch-resistant sapphire lens which, without mincing words, just looks so sleek. That's not to say the non-Sapphire edition watches won't hold up to your everyday activities, but the Sapphire face does add an increased level of protection against scratches, chips or anything else you may encounter in your routine.

The other big feature added is Wi-Fi capability. This, of course, gives your watch so many more places to send all of the information seamlessly to your smartphone and to the Garmin Connect mobile app.

There you have it. Two additional features with the fenix 5, ones that can certainly take your fitness game to the next level. 

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