Why upgrade to the fenix 5X? What's the difference?

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It seems whenever a company introduces a new model of an item, it’s released in several different versions, usually with a range of features and price points. 

With Garmin’s fenix 5 lineup, you’ll get the choice between nearly half a dozen different options, including the 5, 5S, Sapphire models and the 5X.

The fenix 5X is the top version being released in this series, and will cost a bit more than the other watches. So, what are you getting in return? Let’s take a look.

In short, where the fenix 5X truly separates itself from the 5 and 5S is the addition of topographical maps. It may not sound overwhelmingly extravagant, but for those who love to spend time outdoors – running, hiking, camping – you already know just how valuable a good map is out on the trail.

With the fenix 5X, you’ll have full-color TOPO U.S. mapping preloaded. The map data can be used for at-a-glance navigation and also help with location tracking on your wrist. Think of it like this – most GPS watches will spit out directions for you similar to the way we used to print out directions for that family car ride on MapQuest. With the fenix 5, however, you’re getting the full GPS experience akin to using most Maps programs on today’s newest smartphones. You’ll actually be able to see and track your movements in real-time. Pretty cool, huh?

Decided on a distance to run or hike but unsure where to go? With Round-trip Run and Round-trip Ride, you can enter a specific distance and the watch will suggest appropriate courses for you. That’s all in addition to easy-to-read guidance cues that provide banners on the display to show upcoming turns.

Another nice touch is the Around Me feature. Let’s say you’re tackling a trail or course that’s unfamiliar to you. That can be a lot of stress on your body, without beginning to think about the added pressure of making sure you know where you are. In the event you do find yourself a little lost, however, Around Me displays landmarks nearby your location right on the watch display. This can help you be more aware of where you are or where you’re headed. And at the risk of being a little melodramatic, it could absolutely save you from a potentially scary situation.

The coolest part of the maps, I think, is GroupTrack. We’ve talked before about how the fenix line of watches is not just for runners and hikers, but is perfect for any activity or sport you can throw at it. One of the best times to use to watch (see what I did there?) is when hitting the slopes. Let’s say you’re skiing with some friends. You might want to ride the lift together, but once at the top, sometimes it’s nice to separate and do your own thing. With GroupTrack, you can keep tabs on your friends (in the friendly spirit of competition, of course). And with LiveTrack, your friends can follow your adventures, too.  

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